Sunday, September 26, 2010

Happy Fall Y'all!!

Layout to commemorate my dad's 83rd birthday! He is a Navy Veteran and the Navy is celebrating 100 years.My dad is proud to have served in the Navy and I'm proud of him, too!

I fell in love with these "felties" my sister made! So perfect for Halloween coming up!

My two cats are so lovable. Here is Scooter and her mom Phoebe playing with cat toys my sister made with felt and catnip! They were an instant hit with my two fur-babies!

Summer has past us by, but the memories will remain! When I went to the Olympics I did a lot of sight-seeing with my sister. We took a water-taxi to granville island and on the way we passed a number of floating homes! I preserved the memory with the above layout!

Thank you all for dropping by!