Sunday, December 5, 2010

Open House/Craft Sale

This year I put up my tree earlier than usual! It's definetly a cat magnet! I have to keep moving things further up, leaving the bottom branches a bit bare! Phoebe has her eye on a shimmery disco ball!

Scooter is a bit more brazen than her mother. It wouldnt surprise me to see her actually in the tree!

I made some altered binder clips and displayed some Christmas tags in them. They can be used for displaying photo's, memo's and business cards, etc.

These cute whisks would be perfect for a hostess gift or a cookie swap! We WHISK you a Merry Christmas!

A few years back I went to visit my sister in Steveston, BC! It snowed and it snowed! We ventured out on foot and everything was so pretty! Big fluffy flakes of snow were falling!

My 6th annual Open House is upon me right now. I enjoy coming up with new and unique ideas for the gift-giving season.
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