Saturday, March 22, 2008


A few weeks ago i received a "sample" of a UHU GLUE PEN! The layout pictured here is the first project i used the pen on! The glue flows through the applicater slowly and is able to do a fine line with ease! I was a bit leary to use it on the strips of ribbon but it held satisfactorily! The writing on the pen states that it can be used for embellishments of all types and I have been
doing just that!
Wishing you all a Happy Easter! Thanx for stopping by!


Dee Bibb said...

Thanks for stopping by my blog!! Love your layout!

I may have to get me one of thoe UHU glue pens...I'm always looking for easier & better ways to glue.

Happy Easter!!

Belas Creating Place said...

Such a nice LO...

Mo said...

Cool! Keep me posted on what you think of the UHU pen... I'm always curious about trying new adhesives.

BonBon said...

Ooo- i always have such a hard time gluing ribbon-
may have to try this one out!