Saturday, April 19, 2008

challenges motivate me!

Scrapadilly is having their "friday night boredom fighters" challenges! the top layout is using black and white pics! the pattern paper is sturdy and too beautiful to trim so i used it in lieu of cardstock! arent the little feet in the bottom right corner the cutest?

The next challenge is a heritage one with the focus on journalling about why the person stands out in my memory! the pics are from 1927! my gramma, grampa and baby dad! lol

Hope everyone is having a happy scrappy day! Take care!


Michelle said...

looks good! I like challenges too!

btw, you've been tagged on my blog!

Belas Creating Place said...

this is very nice, I like the B&W Lo with the lace accents and the Heritage turned out lovely.

Jamie Martin said...

Wonderful scrap pages, I love the black and white photos and the differences in the recent page and the page of years past :)

Queen Kat said...

That b&W page is GREAT!!! I love it.

Colleen said...

Great job with the layouts and I'm with you on the challenge motivation!!

LaY hOoN said...

I love your 2 LO.
Is really great to scrap for those pics from old days.