Thursday, June 26, 2008

random ponderings

It's official! ...... just got my fiskar's scissors with my Fiskateer # 3830 engraved on them! I'm a bonafide fiskateer! Love the shipping label on the box and also the burlap bag for the scissors! The scissors glide through my cutting! i love them! I made this cute little beaded hat and card for a friend who is a redhatter!
I went to a "meet n greet" for a friend who's family travelled from holland and other parts for a reunion and birthday celebration! Love the starfuit floating in the punch!
I've been busy with chocolate wedding favors for canada day, and i also have to do a Bride's bouquet for another wedding in July! Will post pics soon!


pictures2pages said...

That beeded hat is cute!!!

teresamatz said...

oh I love my Fiskateer scissors!!!

BonBon said...

cute card!!!!!
just wanted to pop in and say HI!!
hope all is well your way!