Sunday, July 6, 2008

Glue with a twist!

Have you hugged your glue today??? lol !! My UHU Glue n Twist ( saved the day for me!

I was asked to make some treats that would fit in with a Canada Day special celebration!

Bobbi-lynn from Scrap Central ( ) and her hubby Derek renewed their vows for their 13th Canada Day celebration!

I needed something that would hold the treats and a plain old box wouldn't do, so i crimped some cardboard to cover the sides and needed some sturdy glue to hold it all together!

UHU GLUE n TWIST to the rescue! A twist of the cap and you can spread a path of glue or twist back and you can apply a fine line or a dot! The pinwheels and flowers were applied with a dot of glue!

I made the cute little hearts with white bells in the center! I also made red mapleleafs, white maple leafs and chocolate mapleleafs and stacked them in little cello bags! i also made chocolate blossoms and twisted them with waxed candy wrap, and they resembled a Kiss or a Hug! i made them a chocolate greeting card as well! My chocolate factory is closed for the summer now! It's way to hot to create chocolate treats!
Wishing you all a Happy Summer! Any special plans?


Mo said...

Chocolate! MMMMM!!! Looks great! Hey, that UHU pen sounds awesome!

Bobbi-Lynn said...

And they were all awesome!! I took pics of everything right away, because it wasn't long before they were gobbled right up! Thanks JoAnn!