Saturday, August 2, 2008

Your Lucky Day!!

More mix than match!!
I had these jars sitting around for quite awhile and today i felt like altering them!
I plan on using them eventually when i have my big open house sale in late November!

I plan on filling them with something and i need some trippy ideas! Can you envision anything in these? I would really appreciate any ideas and to show my appreciation i will send a small rak to someone at random! Looking forward to seeing some funky ideas!
I had to do a quick edit here: I got an email from a friend who said " Why dont you fill the jars with bright condoms"!! LMAO!! Thank you Dianne for making my day!


Scrapping Donna said...

These are good! All I can think is to fill them with candy!! But ribbons, buttons or anything else small would do too!


teresamatz said...

cool fabric scraps, or pretty strips of pattern paper, or a string of white lights, or just one of those battery operated "candles"...hhmmmmmmm, sand and seashells, bath salts, pretty rocks,

okay fallish??? mini pumpkins, leaves real or silk, raffia and maybe a light shining through,

not sure if they are being filled as decorations, or gifts or to be sold............ so just throwing stuff out there, hehehe. good luck

Karen Reichel said...

Maybe those top ones could have the dry cookie mixes in them with the instructions for added wet ingredients tagged to the outside. The bottom ones are screaming candy jars to me.

Me :) said...

The jar with red and the words "I love you" would look beautiful filled with red/white M&Ms. The jar to the left of that looks like a good one for brightly covered buttons or bright candies. The jar to the left of that looks like a good Jelly Belly jar.

The three bottom jars remind me of spa jars - maybe sea salts or bath crystals?

MamaSheg said...

These came out so cute!! Makes me want to make some too.

BTW, I have something for you on my blog. XOOXO

Twinklescrapbooks said...

Wow! Those jars are lovely!

Mo said...

Great jars!

Dog or cat treats.
Chocolate chip cookies. Mmm...
Mints in coordinating colours.
Coloured slips of paper with inspiring quotes
Cat-Eye Chalk Inks
Sea Glass
Hot Choc. Mix

Melissa said...

I was going to suggest the cookie mix (like someone else) or layered soup mixes. I have a whole book full of "gift recipes" if you need some!

Belas Creating Place said...

oh Jo Ann condoms or rubbers whats the difference ? LOL>>>>how about a littl spa jar? Qtips, nailpolish, toe separaters, cotton balls, bath beads, masks, the blue mask for a facial etc...kwim? I would love one of those. I did jars in my social committee. We called them Jazzy Jars. Filled them up with candy, or little games, or girl stuff for hair, or peanutus etc.

The Beauty jar can be called,
The Bottle of Youth. LOL>

"Jany" said...

Loved all the ideas including the condoms one!