Wednesday, October 1, 2008

A new Angel at The Rainbow Bridge

On Sunday I had to say goodbye to my dear little buddy, Chubb. I had her for 13 years and she was a few months shy of 20 years. She was a regular chatterbox and i didnt need an alarm clock, she let it be known that it was time to get up!
She loved to play in boxes! big or small she loved them all!
She didnt like water from a bowl on the floor so this was her usual mode of water, as well as the bathtub faucet! when i would run a bath she would hop up to the sink everytime and when i filled the sink she would paw the water, swish her tail in it, stare at her reflection and have a drink!
She didnt like the kitty pumpkin on her sink!
the snowmen invaded her chair at Christmas-time! she had her own tree, stocking, hat and scarf!

Goodbye my dear friend! you'll never be forgotten and i will always love and cherish you!


Anonymous said...

Chubb was a beauty. You were both a blessing for each other. Sorry that she had to go. Our pets should live as long as we do.

You Sis

SAR girls said...

What beautiful photos of Chubb. So sorry it was her time. How lucky she was to have you all this time!


ScrapMomOf2 said...

Oh, I'm so sorry for your loss. I know that losing a pet is so difficult! Take care! It looks like Chubb was one lucky cat!

twinklescrapbooks said...

Chubb was so pretty. Sorry to hear about your loss.