Saturday, March 21, 2009

Finally ........ Spring!

A few of some coffee cards I'm doing for a card swap! Tea and coffee related items are so hard to find in the scrappy world!

Along comes Scooter to give mom a helping hand ....... um .......paw! I love these two so much!

I'm so thrilled that Spring has sprung! Waiting for the grass to riz, but i know where the birdies is! lol

These Easter treats are for the people I work with! They are so simple and fast to make!

---Cut heavy pattern paper 2 1/2 X 6

---score at 2 3/4, turn and score opposite end at 2 3/4

---punch hole in center of scored area

---insert sucker stick

---punch 2 holes

---tie with ribbon and embellish!

these can be used for any occasion!


MaRLeNeF said...

Hi Joann :) Love those coffee cards ~ so glad you're at JAD's!!! Hugs, Marlene

Mo said...

Those cards look AWESOME!!!!

Congrats on the DT too! YAY!!!

Bonnie said...

Oh - those are WONDERFUL!!

Donna said...

I love your coffee cards, I am also in on the swap.
I want to congratulate you on the DT, enjoy!

Cropaddict said...

Love those cute cards and easter projects. I think your kitties are so sweet.

kanishk said...

I want to congratulate you on the DT, enjoy!

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