Tuesday, May 12, 2009

This post is for the dogs!!

This 2 pg layout was based on a challenge to do a layout based on a book! The book is about a haven for animals where they live out their lives in peace, and the layout suits the book as well! This is my sister's dog Sadie, and is her 3rd rescue dog! My sister rescues "last chance" dogs. Sadie was at the shelter for awhile before she was united with my sister! Sadie has cancer, but sadie has love in her life and is so cherished!
My friend has the cutest poodle ever! We go to a lot of fund-raising events to help the pets at the humane society! The top strip in the layout depicts the fund-raising for the Humane society, while the bottom strip depicts a fund-raiser in the local park! Bailey had won ribbons at this event!
On Sunday May 24th we will be once again going on the "Wiggle-waggle" dog-walk at the Humane society! They have the dog-walk, booths, dog show and silent auction! Even though I dont have a dog I like to get sponsors to do my part in helping the animals!


Mo said...

Great LOs! Love 'em all!!!!!

Jan said...

Love your layouts!!